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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Praying to St Cajetan for Work

A picture of worshippers outside the Church of St Cajetan in Liniers, Buenos Aires.

The text accompanying the photo reads: "Praying For Work - People line up to enter the church of San Cayetano in suburban Buenos Aires on Thursday to pray to the Patron Saint of Employment.
With Argentina's economy crumbling, the worshippers, estimated at up to 100,000 strong, 
appeared more fervent than usual."

Whilst this photo dates from 1975, the situation it describes could be today! But do we have the same faith now? Would it not be a very good thing, if not life changing, to have a heavenly intercessor to help us through our present woes? St Cajetan offers his prayers and help from Heaven, he knows our needs and can see our situation and wishes to aid us. He wishes to bless each covering letter and CV we send out, he wishes to accompany us in each step we take when pounding the streets in search of a job, he wishes to give strength and patience to those who fear for their jobs and above all he wishes to give us hope that in the end all will be well. Is this not an invitation we wish to accept?

A Miracle Through St Cajetan's Intercession

Father John Madigan, O.M.I., Director of the Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate in Belleville, Illinois shared the following e-mail message he received recently from a benefactor:
“I ordered a rosary and prayer to (St. Cayetano), the patron saint of unemployed – I did not know there was one. I mailed it to my cousin who lives in Southern California who had been out of work for 18 months.“A single woman, she was getting desperate as unemployment (benefits were) running out. As you know, the economy there is really bad. She had no prospects despite diligently working to find a job. She started saying the prayer and carrying the beads and prayer with
her when visiting agencies or going on interviews.
“About two weeks after she began saying the prayers, she received a phone call offering her a one-year contract position! She can only attribute it to St. Cayetano – it was the only change she had made. Greatest thanks for making us aware of him and for his speedy work on behalf of a desperate supplicant.”
– Kathy G. of Pennsylvania

Glorious St Cajetan, Saint of Divine Providence,
intercede for us that in our homes we may
never lack bread and work.

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