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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Miracle of St Cajetan during the great plague of 1656

St Cajetan curing plague victims, 17th century print
This miracle obtained through the intercession of St Cajetan, was reported and sworn to in written testimony by the governor of the biggest hospital in Naples, Don Filippo di Dura, at the time of the great plague there in 1656.

"In the months of June and July we had more than 7,000 sick in the hospital with many more arriving at all hours. During these months the daily mortality rate was between 600-700 people and deprived of all aid in the midst of such a pestilence, we turned to God and Beato Gaetano (he was yet to be canonised) as our only hope of help, and as his feast grew nearer the mortality rates started dropping sharply.
In the morning of the 7th of August, we celebrated the feast of Beato Gaetano with a Mass accompanied by music and a general confession and communion and on that day not one death was reported whereas before many hundreds had perished daily. After this the plague receded and the city was soon liberated from its terrible grip."

The same miracle was reported from the Loreto hospital in Naples where similarly not one person died from plague on the feast of St Cajetan, and the whole area was soon after free of contagion.

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