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Friday, 7 August 2015

Feast of St Cajetan 7th August

Prayer to St Cajetan

Glorious Saint Cajetan, acclaimed by
all people to be the father of providence
because you provide miraculous aid to
all in need, I stand here before you today,
asking that you present to the Lord our God
the requests that I confidently deposit
in your hands today.
May these graces that I now request
help me to always seek the Kingdom
of God and his Righteousness,
knowing that God — who dresses with
beauty the flowers of the field and
abundantly feeds the birds of the
sky — will give me all other
things. Amen.

St Cajetan on his Feast day asks us to have hope and to trust in God's bounty, 
to look to the future and not to surrender to our doubts and fears.

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  1. Many thanks to St Cajetan for his intercession in a very difficult situation, he can be trusted so I am saying please if you are in trouble and need his help do the novena and you will be assisted.