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Thursday, 28 July 2011

San Cayetano, Liniers, Buenos Aires

Scenes from outside St Cajetan's church in the Buenos Aires suburb of Liniers,
in the run up to his feast.

St Cajetan is one of the most popular saints in Argentina, especially given the economic crises they have faced and are facing. His picture with the line "Paz, Pan Y Trabajo" (peace, bread and work) is present in almost every shop and business in that country and people start to camp outside his church a month before his feast day so they can be amongst the first to enter the church on the 7th August. St Cajetan, although he was Italian, has been adopted as an honorary Porteño and his image is omnipresent in that city.

The traditional ears of wheat associated with San Cayetano in his capacity
as intercessor for the necessities of life; bread and work.

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